Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gif Time!

Gif Time!

Here is the upload for the Dragon gif! Hopefully this works! 



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Monday, January 27, 2014

24 Hour Blog

24 Hour Technology Blog
Sunday, January 26th, 2014

***Before starting***
I really wanted to say that this was an incredibly difficult assignment, not because it was incredibly demanding, but because I used technology WAY more than I thought I would. I am almost embarrassed as to the amount of time spent/wasted tooling away on the Internet. The Log is as Follows:


12:00-2:16 am: Used laptop and speakers to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith with some friends.
12:24-12:25 am: Brushed teeth using an electric toothbrush.
12:15 pm: Checked alarm clock for time (this is when I woke up)
12:47pm: swiped card at the Great Room (using the computer check in system)
12:52 pm: used diet coke machine 
1:06 pm: used card to get into Calvert Hall
1:47-3:19pm: Used laptop
Usage data: 
                    blackboard arts article
2:41pm: Checked phone (text message and tap pirate cove)
3:19-4:29pm: Worked on blog on laptop
Usage Data: 
4:30-4:33pm: Used fridge
4:34-4:37pm: Used microwave 
4:37-5:16pm: Used Laptop 
Usage Data: 
4:50-5:00: Used phone to text Dad 
5:30pm: Swiped one card at Great Room
5:45pm: Swiped card at Calvert Hall
9:15pm: Swiped card at grind (decaf)
9:42pm: Swiped card at Calvert Hall
10:15pm-11:45pm: Watched frog princess
11:51pm: Set alarm for 8:00am
11:52pm: Set phone alarm for 8:15am

7 Hours 25 mins (appx.) Total

Oh wow. That's pretty crazy.

***NOTE: some of these technological uses were together***
***NOTE (2): This is the timing...I'm not sure of the assignment yet so this is in the preliminary stages***

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Artist Post #1

Artist Post #1:

Nancy Burson, Beauty Composites (1982)

Image Courtesy:

Beauty Composites, by Nancy Burson, depicts two images of the 'perfect' female visage. Each image is compiled of several famous female celebrity faces. The first image (the image on the left) depicts the meshed faces of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Grace Kelly and Sophia Lauren. The second image (the image on the right) includes the faces of Brooke Shields, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Jaqueline Bisset. The artwork represents the "idealized" media face.

Nancy Burson is an artist and Photographer who has a prolific career within the art field. She has contributed to many projects, including, but not limited to, programs that age faces (used to help law enforcement), the human race machine, etc. She is currently an adjunct professor at NYU. You can see more of here here

To go into a more in-depth representation of the faces meshed, I have a range of images represented below to show the actresses that were combined to create each of the 'generic' beauty compositions.

The First Compilation:


The Second Compilation:


The artwork itself relates to the theme of culturally defined ideals with regards to beauty. Within the work, Nancy Burson is trying to show the characteristics favored, or considered to be "beautiful", among societal members. The art itself is an early example of computerized image compilation, yet hauntingly seems to suggest that beauty is not an individualized value: it is in fact easily mapped and compiled to create a standardized version of aestheticism. 

To critique the artwork, I believe this is a revolutionary piece. The artwork puts a biological and standardized spin upon the concept of beauty, making it impersonal and analytical. I think the work points out that beauty is only based upon the most "attractive" mapping of a face, and that societal standards can be pinned up as a simple algorithm. The work is also avant-garde in that it was one of the first projects to start using photo compilation. 

In a way however, I feel the work also has negative impacts. It was one of the first projects to prove that computers can create artificial beauty (or else enhance natural beauty). Though it inherently was against media ideals, the project may have unintentionally promoted the use of digital media to create an even more twisted and impossible image of the model, superstar, or female celebrity. It is just a conjecture, but this project's goal was to point out beauty is simply an algorithm... Magazines and other media sites use these algorithms to project an idealized projection of beauty, thus going against the original message of the artwork. 

Food for thought.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello World!

Hello World!

I'm incredibly excited to be a part of Intro to Digital Media. I have always admired and loved digital art, so being in this class, let alone being able to experience photoshop, adobe illustrator, etc. is an incredibly exciting concept for me.

My sister recently showed me this image:

(Courtesy: Fire Dragon,
Cool right?

I would love to be able to create digital art like this: It's cool, it's ridiculous, and it's amazing. (Yes, how  very teenage, right?)

Here's hoping to be able to improve my skill in digital media in this class!

Also... Fingers crossed to hoping this posts.