Monday, January 27, 2014

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24 Hour Technology Blog
Sunday, January 26th, 2014

***Before starting***
I really wanted to say that this was an incredibly difficult assignment, not because it was incredibly demanding, but because I used technology WAY more than I thought I would. I am almost embarrassed as to the amount of time spent/wasted tooling away on the Internet. The Log is as Follows:


12:00-2:16 am: Used laptop and speakers to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith with some friends.
12:24-12:25 am: Brushed teeth using an electric toothbrush.
12:15 pm: Checked alarm clock for time (this is when I woke up)
12:47pm: swiped card at the Great Room (using the computer check in system)
12:52 pm: used diet coke machine 
1:06 pm: used card to get into Calvert Hall
1:47-3:19pm: Used laptop
Usage data: 
                    blackboard arts article
2:41pm: Checked phone (text message and tap pirate cove)
3:19-4:29pm: Worked on blog on laptop
Usage Data: 
4:30-4:33pm: Used fridge
4:34-4:37pm: Used microwave 
4:37-5:16pm: Used Laptop 
Usage Data: 
4:50-5:00: Used phone to text Dad 
5:30pm: Swiped one card at Great Room
5:45pm: Swiped card at Calvert Hall
9:15pm: Swiped card at grind (decaf)
9:42pm: Swiped card at Calvert Hall
10:15pm-11:45pm: Watched frog princess
11:51pm: Set alarm for 8:00am
11:52pm: Set phone alarm for 8:15am

7 Hours 25 mins (appx.) Total

Oh wow. That's pretty crazy.

***NOTE: some of these technological uses were together***
***NOTE (2): This is the timing...I'm not sure of the assignment yet so this is in the preliminary stages***

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