Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scanned Images

Scanned Image Assignment.

This was both a fun and a frustrating projects. I originally scanned images at a 50 Resolution caliber… Then I realized we were supposed to scan at a 300 TIFF size. So I ended up doing both. 
Here are some of the results of the Project (I have a lot of images… be warned!)

This image doesn't look like much… But it was a more daring experiment. This is actually a scan of a laptop playing a movie. The resulting image is a compiled picture of all of the frames occurring from the movie playing. (For the record, the only movie I had was the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian…)

This scanned image is a quick sketch I did. To get this image, I swirled the image around in a circle while moving the sketchbook back and forth.

This was the first image that I did. It is a spiraled image. I was going to try to spin it, but unfortunately I did not get the weird connected image I thought I'd get. The result is a rather hallucinogenic mix of color and sketchbook. Chavin Art anyone?

This was one of the classier images I conjured up. This is a scan of all of the jewelry I was wearing the day I scanned the images. The black behind it is my pleather jacket. 

This is a rescanned image of a magazine and two earrings.

This was the original scanned image of an earring and a magazine.

This is an image of my phone (and it's flashlight function) and a watch.

One of my favorite images, this is a bunch of sheet music (Partitas and Sonatas and Hungarian Dances, sorry… couldn't resist) and a bunch of old tangled violin strings.

This was another phone and watch combo.

This was a rescanned plate image

This was the original plate image. I liked this the most because the image looks like a face.

Random object scan collage. 

This image was comprised of the violin strings (and the violin strings moving.)

This image was the snake necklace traced next to the light. 

This was the watch and my hand traced next to the light. 

This is a picture of velvet and violin strings (band name?)

This is a picture of my violin scanned in motion)

Here is the violin. (Probably the classiest image)

This is the violin and strings scanned at a very fast pace. It looks very strange.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully my images are in the correct resolution (300 res TIFF and JPEGs)

Piece of Cake, Large Slice

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  1. I love the scan that looks like a face! It would be interesting to *try* to make a particular shape with the scanner...