Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Artist Event #2: Boyden Gallery Event with Craig Saper

Artist Event #2: Craig Saper

>Craig Saper

I attended a Craig Saper workshop in Boyden Gallery. Based upon a lecture he had given earlier that day, the workshop involved entrepreneurial ideas, specifically with regards to marketing and creating ideas. Three concepts that he stressed were "Big Tent" and "Circus Tent" theories. The Big Tent was a interactive, interface, information, peer connection and revision tool that would connect people. An example of this was the augmented reality app, in which programmers and artists alike would share ideas to create a virtual reality that would be accessible to an iDevice. The Circus Tent idea was a medium of avant-garde artists who combined speculation ad scholarship to promote new ideas. This includes thinking like an artist, but not being an artist with a defined medium. One of his ideas was that 'electricy' would replace literacy. After this, we were asked to brainstorm ideas, and from that the group discussed how they would use these ideas. 
This means that the artist now has to learn how to be an artist and yet survive in a world in which globalization and universal technology exists. What do people need? What do people want marketed? Creativity at it's base is the most important skill when thinking how to succeed in this world. I personally agree.
Personally, I thought the workshop was interesting and idealistic. To promote the concept of being an artist, while doing something else is the liberal arts ideal. I don't think anyone can just be an artist in this day and age. I know networking is huge, audience is huge, collaboration is huge. These ideas were represented within the lecture albeit sugarcoated in fancy terminology. I think if anything, my only critique would be to increase networking and the brainstorming session within this lecture. We only got to about two or three people's ideas. I know I have many entrepreneurial ideas that I would've loved to share. That being said, I have taken the lecture's ideas to heart and have started to work with that with the forming of the Art Club.

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