Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reaction: Internet Loneliness

Raw Reaction:
This scares me. I know when I ask myself, "What are the most important inventions of all time," my mind immediately jumps to things like, Fire, Agriculture, Writing, and then... The Internet. It's odd to think that igen'ers live at the beginning of such a revolutionary time. We now have access to a fabric of the real and yet intangible. AI, the Internet, the uncaring impassiveness, and the reliance on the media, in particular the internet scares me. The reading itself challenges that. The reading itself, particularly the structure, how it forced you to focus on many things at once, very much like the internet was rather witty. I didn't realize it was intentional. In a way the author is mimicking how one interacts on the internet. He brings about some scary and relatable points, particularly with how the internet is a disguise, and that we exist as both, a person and an internet persona.

Analyzing a Paragraph:

"Access to computers and the Internet completely changed the way that I consumed information and organized ideas in my head. I saw information stacked on top of itself in simultaneity, no longer confined to spatiotemporal dimensions of the book. This information was editable, and I could copy, paste, and cut text and images from one place to the next, squirreling away bits that felt important to me. I suddenly understood how much of myself I was finding through digital information."
The paragraph opens to discuss how consuming information occurs. How multitasking and immediacy is now expected, basically because of the internet's expectations. Reading, having to wait to know, having to process information in a slower way is rather irksome. Having information that you can scroll through, change, and alter is an incredibly immediate and empowering thing that the internet provides. It chips in the the human psyche and survival process. For me personally, since I have done so much work online, I grow impatient with hand-drawn medium. There is no "control Z" if I make a mistake. There is no immediate editing, especially with more permanent mediums. I prefer the immediacy of digital art. In a way that scares me. 
This is a crazy image. I couldn't find the artist, but I feel this is an incredibly serious and amusing internet. We do, as a society, need to protect ourselves from the "easiness" of the internet. We reveal way too much to the internet because we can't see the people accessing it. It's scary. It's unhealthy. You can do things you can't command Z. 
This work too, "Facebook Bliss" is also incredibly powerful.
How the artwork works is you press the bliss button and it mimics increasing friend/notification/message requests. It represents our narcism on FB. Facebook is making us lonely.

"  What happens when the power runs out, when we get disconnected? Where will we have left to go?"

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